BHU starts stress management and counselling centre for students at home

Stress Management and Counselling Centre (SMCC) cum helpline, which the BHU constituted on Tuesday to take care of students metal health and address their tension and anxiety related to education and, health, started functioning on Wednesday. It received around 12 WhatsApp messages and 10 calls from the students till Wednesday afternoon.

SMCC has been constituted as per the guidelines of union Ministry of Human Resource Development and University Grants Commission in this regard, Public relations officer, BHU, Dr Rajesh Singh said.

“During the lockdown, it is extremely important to take care of the mental health of the students and address their psychosocial concerns. The SMCC has been constituted to take care of their mental health and address the anxiety, tension and concerns related to the studies. SMCC helpline number is 9919924433. It functions between 9am and 9pm. Dr Sanjay Gupta, senior professor at Department of Psychiatry, IMS-BHU has been made coordinator of the SMCC. If any student has any sort of anxiety or tension, he may call at the helpline number for the advice and counselling.”

Prof Gupta said, “We received several messages and several calls from the students. Two students informed that they were not able to have sound sleep because their course is not completed yet and the classes are suspended due to the lockdown to curb Covid- 19 spread. How would we be able to complete our course? Two students asked, what would happen if the examinations were delayed.”

Prof Gupta said that most of the callers having concerns related to education and these concerns are leading to tension. The students have been advised to focus on their studies at their respective homes and not to worry about the examination because the government would certainly find a way out and make arrangements for holding the examinations. At present, the students must stay at their home to defeat the corona.

Prof Gupta said that the students have also been advice to have five minute deep breathing excise five times daily. It would certainly help them have sound sleep.

Gupta hopes that the frequency of calls will increase in the coming days. He said that SMCC will prove to be a great help for the students and addressing their concerns and removing their tension.