42% of Class 11 and 12 students surveyed say they are reconsidering their career plan due to Covid-19

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding future educational prospects, 42% of the Class 11 and 12 students surveyed from across the country said that they are reconsidering their career plans in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The findings are part of a survey that was recently conducted by Mindler, a career counselling and guidance platform as part of which a total of 47,560 students from across the country were surveyed. Given the postponement of entrance exams and international universities having deferred their admissions, many students are now rethinking their career plans as the survey results revealed.

While 19% of the respondents had plans to go abroad, 78% of them said that they were considering changes to these plans. ‘The ongoing pandemic has triggered scepticism about travelling overseas. Students, and their parents, are perhaps the most worried about attending an overseas university in such times’ states the report. Of these, 55% students said that they would cancel their plans altogether while 35 % said that they were planning to defer their offers for a year. 10% students said that they were looking at other options. Nearly half the students who had planned to study abroad intended on going to USA and UK.

Students said that there was a lot of anxiety and uncertainty due to the outbreak and many said that they were restless. Nearly half the students surveyed said that they spent most of their time in procrastination and lethargy. With 66% of students showing a positive inclination towards online entrances, this may come as a relief for the universities; as students largely seem comfortable with the idea of online evaluations. 79% students said that they would be comfortable with online interviews if the need arises.

Prateek Bhargava, Founder and CEO, Mindler, said, “While the ongoing crisis will have a long-lasting impact on every sector, for students and online education platforms, the need of the hour is to give them the right direction so that their career plans are not disrupted. The end goal for all stakeholders would be to make sure that the learning process continues.”