HT Codeathon: Coding a vital skill set in today’s tech-driven age

Computers play a significant role in the data age. Certainly, they profoundly sway in numerous areas in the zone of training and improve the teaching- learning process. At the point when we take a gander at how the world is creating, innovation is progressing and how working with computers has become indispensable, picking up coding is an incredibly valuable ability.


Living in the 21st century, children are growing up in a digital era. With the advancement in technology over the years, the ability to code is becoming increasingly important. It is a skill that can be used every day. Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age and is important for kids to understand and be able to work with the technology around them. Coding requires logical thinking and teaches children how to tackle complex problems by breaking them down into smaller problems which are easier to manage and solve. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity and maths. It also improves their brain health and prevents neural deterioration. There are so many benefits of coding for students that go much beyond the use of a computer. While learning coding, they learn abilities like problem solving, critical thinking, confidence building and perseverance. HT Codeathon is an excellent initiative for the students to become future ready.


Coding doesn’t just help the children develop into programmers and creators of new technology but also empowers them with essential learning skills like critical thinking and logic.

The HT Codeathon in partnership with IBM opens all the right kind of avenues for the children to not only build their aptitude but also help them in solving real-life situations using their problem-solving skills, innovation and creativity.

This experiential learning opportunity was made available to the learners online to make good use of their time at home and sharpen their secondary skills in a productive manner.

The school recognised the value of learning coding not only as a stepping block to the field of Artificial Intelligence but also as an integral part of the new National Education Policy 2020 and hence, actively partnered with the Hindustan Times initiative to ensure that the students get ample exposure to the field as early as possible.

The eagerness with which our students enrolled for the HT Codeathon, showed the high level of interest generated by such hands-on activity. The time spent by students while learning and practising the various programming languages before competing on a national level with lakhs of other students only points out to the fact how engaging and relevant the field of coding is.

Through this activity, the students were introduced to the environment that they will be using in future and were also encouraged to take up various careers related to coding.

Mona Rastogi, Principal, Sachdeva Public School, Pitampura

Coding is a term used for designing and building an executable computer programme using different coding languages” which enable the computer to understand your commands and execute the programme according to the given instructions. In future, everything will depend on robots which will work according to the software made by coders using those coding Languages. It helps the students in improving mathematics and logical thinking. It also makes screen time useful as children are always busy playing games on phone. In addition, coding also helps children improve their concentration and creativity.

For children who want to become first in their class and want to learn coding should register in HT Codeathon . The children who learn coding along with their studies can earn a lot of money in future. The benefit of the HT Codeathon initiative is that it helps the children in increasing their concentration levels and makes their screen time useful. It helps in improving their mathematical skills, creative and logical thinking. HT Codeathon is a program me and Olympiad offered by Hindustan times.

It is a programme which helps us in learning different languages such as CSS, HTML, and Python. It has recorded videos so that the students can revise the courses as many times as they want to. It also provides quizzes for our all round understanding . These courses prepare us to compete in coding with others. Through this programme, we can learn how to design websites and games. It also allows the coders to analyse their performance of the program. It is an excellent programme for the students to learn coding..


Akshit Garg, Class 7 F, Sachdeva Public School, Pitampura

It is a great experience to learn to make up my own game. I love to play computer games and wondered how they do such a difficult task on their own. But after getting enrolled with the HT Codeathon I realized how easy it was to make a game of my own choice.

I often regarded Python as a difficult coding language and thought it as time consuming and brain puzzling to learn. I just ignored it but after watching the videos I found that coding with Python was way easier than I thought and was tremendously fun to learn. The main concept is mathematics and it just revolves around it. I have created a bunch of games and it was like a cakewalk for me. .